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Things to do in Nainital For a Fulfilling Holiday

Nainital is a fascinating, mesmeric and awe-inspiring hill station in Uttarakhand, surrounded by Himalayan mountain ranges and sparkling Naini Lake as a true scenic gem of the place.  With lush green meadows, slopes, vinatge cottages, heritage buildings and colonial touch; Nainital touches the soul of many travellers.

People exploring this popular tourist abode enjoy boat ride, go for sightseeing, taste hilly delicacies and land up in local markets.  Is it sounding cluttered and confused and are you finding trouble in finding where to start from? Worry not! Here is the shortlisted listicle on the amazing and thrilling things to do in Nainital.

Boating Comes First

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One of the most popular and primary things to do in Nainital is to take a fascinating tour of the seven lakes, including the main Naini Lake. You can also enjoy a relaxed time boating and strolling around. Boats are ready to sail for 30 mins to 1 hour for one family. In Bhimtal, you can even enjoy thrilling sports like zorbing.

Sunset at Hanuman Garhi

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Explore this Hanuman Temple and feel the mysticism of this place. Of the many things to see in Nainital, do not skip the most surreal and enthralling sunset. Reach there before hand and enjoy the picturesque view of the surrounding.

Enjoy Panoramic View from Tiffin Top

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Trek upto Tiffin Top- one of the highest points in Nainital, to watch the panoramic view of surrounding peaks, mountains and sunrise. Trust us, this vista will leave your jaw drop! Catch a sight from Tiffin Top, a peak in Nainital and experience the most splendid sight. A paradise for trekkers; one can also enjoy horse riding up to this viewing point.

Feel the Thrill of Cable Car Ride

The ropeway trip traverses you to small peaks in Nainital and also gives you a bird’s eye sight of the hill retreat. It should positively be given a shot if you love misty mountains. The cable car travels from Mallital to Snow View Point, through hills and entrancing charm of Naini Lake and other scenic localities.

Pray at Nanda Devi

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Spend some serene time here, you will surely return reinvigorated. The Naina Devi Temple is devoted to goddess Naina Devi, who is thought to guard the Naini Lake. It is assumed to be one of the 64 Shaktipeeth in the country. Immerse in the divinity and pay a visit to Nanda Devi temple, experience evening aarti and pray for well being of your near and dear ones.

Indulge in Shopping

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Yet another amazing activity to indulge in Nainital is to pick up souvenirs and knick knacks by shopping at the Tibetan Market where one can find local stuff like Tibetan bags, junk ornaments, shawls, home décor and woollens. Wax and wax items are icon of Nainital. Don’t miss to fill your bag with some of the wax decors and knick knacks.

Taste the Tibetan Delicacies

If you are a foody, do not let behind your gastronomical hormones. Try sumptuous mutton and pork momos, thukpa, noodles and soup from local Tibetan market. Trying these dishes, should be on your bucket list, if you are holidaying in Nainital

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