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Indian Cities have a Nickname; Just like You and Me!

Ever given a thought that what does your city aptly known as?  Or how nicely we can describe each city with a nickname? The beautiful and most photogenic cities of India has nice nicknames or descriptive taglines- mostly unknown to many of us.

Read on to know few of them- trust us! They are good to know and enhance the knowledge level.

1) Kolkata

City of Joy for the delectable Bong cuisine, Bong emotions and culture will make you joyous and delightful.

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2) Surat

City of Diamonds and the Textile City- If you are there check out the textile industries and hubs.


3) Jamshedpur

Birth Place of Tata Steel Industries by Jamshedji Tata is titled as Steel City or Tata nagar.

4.) Gurgaon

No one miss the tall corporate towers, modernization and upgraded transportation here at the Millennium City.

5.) Nagpur

Orange City for its bounty full of mouthwatering fruits.

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