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Gangotri Glacier Trek: A Little Guide for this Outstanding Experience

Gangotri is a stimulating trek amid the mighty Himalayas sprawling from Gangotri to Gaumukh. You can choose from a range of hikes in the Himalayan land. The 17 km trek to the sacred land of Hindus is snuggled by the banks of Bhagirathi and bestowed with mesmeric escapades making for really a treasured experience. Gangotri Glacier Trek is a thrilling track in the Garhwal Himalayas that makes for an outstanding trip to the origin of feeding river Ganga river. Walking in the shadow of guardian mountains at an elevation ranging from 4000 meters to 6500 meters is the ultimate excitement for the adventure buffs.

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The Gangotri Glacier bordering China, is the primary source of water for Ganga and Bhagirathi, which is one of the prime tributaries of Ganga. Surrounded by Bhagirathi III, Meru Shivling and Thalay Sagar Peaks, this is the highest Himalayan glacier and a heaven for adventure seekers and trekkers.

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Perched in the terrain of Uttarkashi region, Gangotri Glacier is a 28 km long and 4 km wide stretch, originating from below the Chaukhamba Peak. This glacier flows northwest and the flow of water takes a sharp turn forming the shape, resembling cow’s mouth hence the name Gaumukh.

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There are a few famous routes around Gangotri Glacier, which itself is a zenith of multiple glaciers. Opt from the range of trek routes which comprise of

1.       Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan Trek

2.      Gangotri Gaumukh Trek

3.      Gangotri Tapovan Trek

Mid-April to June and September to November is the ideal time to plan and take off for the Gangotri Glacier Trek. The weather is moderate; neither too cold nor too much of rainfall. Hence, not so challenging and risky to trek. Summer months are the most appropriate for the Gangotri Glacier Trek. With clear and transparent blue sky and bright sunny days. Spring is the another most favoured time to visit Gangotri besides summer. Lush greenery everywhere and soothing climate makes hiking so much of exciting and thrilling during spring.

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