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Bintan- The Fantasy Island for All

Bintan is the largest island in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. Sprawling over 2,402.28 square kilometres, this sparkling island boasts of lavish resorts, spas, stunning beaches and best of water sports and nightlife. Be it cuddling with your loved one, or a fun-filled family vacation or relaxing with your folks and friends, this island is the ideal hotspot to have the most memorable holiday of your lifetime!

Bintan Tourism

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Bintan’s primary tourist attraction in current date, though, is Bintan Resorts, a mesmeric beach holiday abode in the northern part of the island, over 23,000 hectares along the entire sandy white sand beach overlooking the South China Sea. Bintan has now become a globally famous sport-tourism destination tempting aplenty travellers around the world to finish in its marathons, triathlons, extreme games and golf tournaments. There are presently ten self-reliantly beach resorts, few designer golf courses, as well as a range of entertaining and leisure facilities and pulls, resting within the all-embracing Bintan Resorts.

Places to see in Bintan

Trikora Beach

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Trikora Beach is the most popular tourist destination in Bintan. Honoured as the largest beach in the area, this place is frequented by natives and tourists alike. Dotted with beach shacks, night clubs and seafront restaurants, Trikora Beach is also famous for surfing, swimming, sun bathing, fishing, beach volleyball and kite surfing.

Penyengat Island

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Penyengat Island is one of tourist attractions in Bintan in Riau Islands. One of the tourist attractions that cannot be missed is the gorgeous Sultan Riau Great Mosque. Lying off Bintan, this island is historically famous for being the former seat of Sultanate of Johor-Riau by the Bugis. Penyengat Island can be reached by a 15 minutes boat ride from Bintan.

Senggarang Island

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Located some km away from Bintan, the Selingan Island presents exclusive experiences and astonishing sights. Apart from unobstructed views of the azure China sea, the island boasts of ancient Chinese hamlets, vinatge temples like Banyan Tree temple, Tay ti kong temple and Macro temple and narrow lanes.

500 luohan temple

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This is a world-famous monastery, dedicated to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Apart from the magnificent structures and sculptures of Buddhas and Buddhism scriptures, this 500 louhan temple has gallery with 500 life size statues of arahats stand methodically in rows on each of the steps at the realm of the garden. The names of each arahat is inscribed at the base of their sculpture.

Things to do in Bintan

Sit on Open Cockpit Plane

Relish the panoramic views of pristine white sand beaches and the azure ocean from an open cockpit seaplane with a skilled and professional flight instructor! Air Adventures Flying Club offers tourists an experience of lifetime on their Challenger Ultralight planes.

Go Body Boarding

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Body boarding is a close to surfing. Surfers will sail with a hydrodynamic board (shaped like half of a surfboard) and jaunt the crests, face and curls of the wave on their bellies. Are you already fancying? Try this in Bintan.


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Swim and dive and spend some fun times with the corals and marine organisms. Snorkelling and scuba diving are two most thrilling water sports, facilitated by almost all Bintan resorts.

ATV Ride

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Have the ever dreamt of your life on an ATV or go exhilarating go-karting! All these activities will definitely get your heart skip a bit and make for extremely electrifying experiences and best of memories. Multiple resorts around Bintan offer these two activities!

Eat your heart out at Tanjung Pinang

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No vacation is complete with food tours and Bintan is not an exception. Trying local food and delicacies at Tanjung Pinang is a fascinating experience and cannot be missed at any cost.


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