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Bangalore Heli Taxi Service- A Quick and Impactful Respite from City Traffic

If the traffic situation from Bengaluru International Airport still haunts you and if you still take a back seat while driving from airport to the city- fret not. Bengaluru International Airport authority and Thumby Aviation of Kerala have collaborated to operate heli taxis in order to reduce travel time and enjoy seamless travel from airport to the main city.
Heli Taxi: Time and Ticket

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Heli Taxi service in Bangalore has thrown immense impact on city dwellers and business tourists. The timings are suitable to cater to people who travels for morning meetings and tend to return the same day. As of now the flights operate in two slots. Morning from 6:30 am to 9:3o am and from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Tickets for one away costs INR 3500 plus tax.

Heli Taxi: Booking and Confirmation

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Now, one can book heli taxi, from an app, designed by Thumby aviation company. You can book through this app or facebook and well in advance ( 1-2) months. The flight can accommodate upto 4 people and except cases of extreme emergency and unplanned travel, we recommend to go for advance booking.


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